Saturday, 21 January 2017

Does Rosehip Oil smell like roses?

Well, how many of us expect a superb ravishing rose fragrance? I am pretty sure nobody who has ever used it before….

Surprisingly (or not) Rosehip oil most certainly does not smell like roses. In fact, in its pure state (without any added ingredients) Rosehip oil should only have an oilish smell and nothing of the contrary.

Main fact is, Rosehip oil is made out of seeds and not rose petals as one would imagine. However, there are companies who sell rosehip oil mixed with other oils / odour enhancements, moulding the entire mixture with various fragrances.

In my view, mixing Rosehip oil with any other oil would diminish its properties, making it less fit for purpose. Of course, as mentioned before, I always aim to keep it simple and effective in its organic and cold pressed natural state, making it part of my daily routine.

Curious how this oil can become part of your routine? Follow my ebay link below and purchase your gorgeous glass ruby Rosehip oil bottle (with pipette to make your life just a little bit easier):

Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to keep your skin hydrated in the cold season

Prepare your wellies to kick some leaves on the pavement people!! The gallant way that leaves fall off the trees in a swaying manner forming an autumn colour splendour, is just breath taking.  You may wonder what does this has to do with rosehip oil. Well, the same way nature prepares itself for the winter, we also need to prepare our skin to make sure it remains hydrated and glowing.  How can we achieve this harmony? By applying rosehip oil on your skin, of course! 

I must say, after a year of using rosehip oil, I am still its biggest fan. My skin looks more nourished and more elastic, day by day. I have been in a constant research to find the best products for my skin, but now I do not need to worry about it anymore. I use my Rosehip drops each night before sleep and I encourage you to try it, you have nothing to lose.

You may also check what other people say about rosehip oil by clicking hereAnd, for those of you a little bit more curious, see below a rosehip fruit cut in 2 slices and the seeds from which this wonderful oil is made. 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Why is rosehip oil good for acne?

Yes, it may sound strange that an oil can benefit when you have acne prone skin. But do not ever judge a book by the cover, ever! Rosehip Oil , is an oil indeed, but, it is the most light weight oil I have ever tried. I know I have already said this in my previous posts, but I just cannot stress it enough. So, why is this oil good for your acne? Well, acne means sensitivity, skin irritability, inflammation and a lot if frustration of course. Rosehip oil can and will treat all these unpleasant effects that acne leaves on your face due to its wonderful fatty acids and vitamin E elements it contains that basically regenerate derma.   And, more specially, it will not leave greasy effect on your skin, even though you have an oily skin type. I know, it is unbelievable, but you just need to try it to see with your own eyes. J

They always say to use astringent solutions on your face when you have acne. WRONG! Astringent will only tell the skin that it needs to release more sebum to balance the PH, fact that will bring even more acne.

Now, when you suffer from acne, you need to be careful what you EAT. Yeah, it is always about what we eat seems like it. Also, do you drink enough water per day? It is recommendable to drink about 33 ml of water/kilogram of body weight on a daily basis. For example if your weight is 50 kg, you multiply 50 by 33 and the result would be 1.65 l per day. If you drink coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine, you need to drink an extra glass of water each time as caffeine dehydrates the body. However, from my own experience, I can say it is hard to drink that much but I have a tip that I usually use. Always have a 500 ml glass with water on your desk and sip it every 15 minutes even though you do not feel the need. It helps and you will see the difference, at the end of the day you won’t even know you actually drank enough water without too much fuss. J Drinking enough water helps with digestion. A slow digestion releases toxins in your body that can show on your face.

Another trigger for acne can be MILK. Try for 1 month not to drink milk/milk derivate (cheese, chocolate etc) and replace it with soya milk, cashew, almonds etc. At the beginning the difference you sense will be major, as the taste is really different because the cow milk is much tasty due to the fat it contains, on the other hand, the plant milk will have a waterish taste, but don’t get discouraged by that. The more you drink it, the more you’ll like it, it is a matter of habit. Do not worry about calcium, eating beans, potatoes, oranges and sesame seeds on a daily basis will do. It is scientifically proven that vegetable have calcium abortion rate of 50%, compared with about 30% for milk.

Always use gentle ingredients on your face such us: clay powder, honey, chamomile tea and natural masks. NEVER use lemon or baking soda! They will ruin your skin PH level. Instead, use Rosehip Oil for anti-ageing and healing properties.

When you apply rosehip oil on your face, don’t just apply it. Massage it gently all over your face until you can see that is has been absorbed by the skin entirely.

Apply Rosehip Oil around your eyes (Of course be careful not to introduce it into your eyes, BUT you already know that, because ALL my readers are smart anyway. HAHAH!) The eyes area is the most sensitive and has a very thin skin that ages the first and the worst if we do not take good care of it from an early stage.

Anti-Acne advices
Go to dermatologist and ask for a set of analysis including blood analysis and pustule analysis to test your level of bacteria on your face.

Do not buy expensive creams that some doctors may suggest to treat acne. Acne CANNOT be treated by using expensive creams! You must discover the trigger from within the body (what you eat, hormonal level etc). You are definitely doing something that your body does not like and reacts through acne.

For more details, do not hesitate to leave a comment below, my pleasure to answer them all.  

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Cold pressed or refined?

cold press machine

The term “cold pressed” may not be widely known. It refers to the process the oils are produced by using a press that grinds the fruits/seeds and extracts a chemical–free oil that maintains all its natural benefits. Before putting the fruits through the press, they are dried and well taking care of.

On the other hand, a refined oil is produced using high temperatures and different chemical solvents resulting a product that has almost ZERO nutritive/natural ingredients. However, to kind of reverse this process, they add back in the ingredients such as vitamins or minerals but it can never offer you a high quality product once its molecules were broken. 
You may end up with an oil that is 40% oil and 60% water mixt with toxic elements from the manufacturing process and preservatives to prolong its shelf life. Whilst Cold pressed has NO added ingredients, Chemical Free.

So, what would you choose? Cold Pressed 100% natural Rosehip Oil   that is small scale produced or refined oil which contains toxic ingredients that is mass produced by big companies to maximise profits?

Did you know that every product that contains water needs preservatives to eliminate the bacteria, but products that are exclusively oil based do not need preservative due to the fact the bacteria cannot live in oil?
Now you know! 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

DIY RoseHip Oil and honey hydration mask

You already know I love Rosehip oil. Well, I really do and I cannot recommend it enough. But, you do not have to use it just alone. You can mix it with other wonderful ingredients to prepare your favourite facial mask. This time, I thought a good idea would be to mix it with honey. And, I was not surprised to see it hydrates the skin really nicely and easily.

How to prepare:

Step 1. Clean your face, I usually like to use a clay mask to clean it thoroughly once a week.
Step 2. Take a bowl, mix half tea spoon of honey with 3 drops of RoseHip Oil and a few drops of water to make the mask easier to apply.
Step 3. Apply the mask on your face, be careful not to introduce it into your eyes. Massage it nicely for about 1 minute and leave it on the face for about 10 minutes.
Step 4. Clean your face with warm water and voilĂ , a super glowing smooth skin with minimum efforts.

Tip: When you put honey on your face, you need to tie your hair very carefully otherwise you might need to wash your hair as the mask is really, really sticky.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

How to keep Rosehip Oil - new bottles have arrived

I am really excited about my new red glass bottles with pipette in 2 sizes: 15ml and 30ml . They finally arrived and they are perfect.

After a thorough and long research about what is the best way to keep oil, I have learnt that the bottles must be opaque (neither transparent nor translucent). This way the oil remains fresh due to the fact the light cannot penetrate through glass to degrade the antioxidants.

Another important aspect is the material of the bottle. I have chosen the glass bottle, although more expensive, because they are safe in comparison with the plastic ones which can eliminate toxins into the oil in case the plastic is not good quality.

The role of the pipette is to ease the application of the RoseHip Oil. In comparison with a dropper, I would always choose a pipette because you are able to know the volume being dispensed whilst using a dropper makes it harder to apply.  

Sunny day today in Harrogate.

P.S The transparent little bottles are used only with the purpose of presenting the RoseHip Oil's natural colour. 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Rosehip Oil - Review

Let’s start with the essentials. When you want to apply something on your face, obviously, you need to identify what type a skin you have. You most probably know that it can be dry, combination or oily, so I will not stress on this any further.

To give you an idea, my skin type is combination and quite sensitive (neither oily, neither dry), also acne prone if I drink milk or too much chocolate :). These being said, it was very difficult to keep it balanced, until of course I found this little wonder called RoseHip Oil. Although, it is said oily and combination skin ages later in time (a sort of gift you are born with), I would say the major problem is, they usually manufacture cosmetics for dry skin, thus I have found it difficult to find the best products considering the fact that I am always aiming for less to no chemicals as much as possible. The reason why this is exclusively Organic Cold Pressed RoseHip Oil , 100% pure straight from the berries.

I have tried the oil make up remover technique with coconut oil, nope, not for me, too oily for my face. I have also tried almond oil, because it belongs to the category of non comedogenic (it will not block pores), not a chance for my skin to make peace with it either.  Next, I have started to research and research and research, found the RoseHip Oil and decided to give it a shot, there is no harm in trying. And ZBANG, I have found my fountain of youth. Pam, Pam! One happy girl here.

Now a little bit about what to expect. If you have high expectations, you are reading the right testimonial, this is the best product you can try. You may say, oh, she says this because she is selling it as well. The thing is, I only sell something I truly believe in. I cannot sell just to sell for the sake of money, I would not bother to invest time, effort, passion and money otherwise. I am not exaggerating. To be honest, I have tried a lot of products, but nothing compares to this one. And when you come to think about it, it is just an oil, no fuss, no chemicals, natural, cheap and with wonderful results.  I apply about 3 drops each evening before sleep after cleaning my face with a makeup remover (of which I must further refer in my posts, a super one). It is more like an antioxidant serum than an oil.

RoseHip Oil, might be an oil but it absorbs perfectly in the skin, it is surprisingly lightweight and keeps your wrinkles at bay. In the morning I have the skin of a baby, I am not joking. You must try it, you must! You will not regret it. All natural Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil , perfect for your daily skin care routine and most importantly, suitable for ALL skin types.

And, I almost forgot, it lasts for ages, I have used it for a month now and I still have 70% oil from my 10ml bottle. Well worth every penny!

P.S: Please, Please, do not forget to write back your feedback after using it, I am extremely curious to know how your skin reacted.

Go here to read the benefits of using RoseHip Oil.

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