Sunday, 10 April 2016

How to keep Rosehip Oil - new bottles have arrived

I am really excited about my new red glass bottles with pipette in 2 sizes: 15ml and 30ml . They finally arrived and they are perfect.

After a thorough and long research about what is the best way to keep oil, I have learnt that the bottles must be opaque (neither transparent nor translucent). This way the oil remains fresh due to the fact the light cannot penetrate through glass to degrade the antioxidants.

Another important aspect is the material of the bottle. I have chosen the glass bottle, although more expensive, because they are safe in comparison with the plastic ones which can eliminate toxins into the oil in case the plastic is not good quality.

The role of the pipette is to ease the application of the RoseHip Oil. In comparison with a dropper, I would always choose a pipette because you are able to know the volume being dispensed whilst using a dropper makes it harder to apply.  

Sunny day today in Harrogate.

P.S The transparent little bottles are used only with the purpose of presenting the RoseHip Oil's natural colour. 


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