Sunday, 6 March 2016

What is RoseHip

Rosehip is a well-known (hmm, or not?!) wild rose that I remember from childhood when I used to pick its fruits with my mother as she loved to make rosehip jam (my mother still does it, by the way, it is delicious on pancakes, YUMMY! :D). However, this blog is dedicated to Organic Rosehip Oil (ati-ageing product), nevertheless, I might consider introduce the jam as well, in time, one thing I know, my mother would be thrilled about. J

Next, it grows on hills in the bushes and it also has thorns, making the picking more difficult but, I am telling you, definitely worthy. As a child I was delighted by its sweet-sour-ish taste (of jam), but as an adult, I discovered its amazing benefits on the skin and I am grateful I had the chance to grow up in the country side, close to nature and its miraculous gifts, so many beautiful memories, a time of freedom and pure happiness indeed.

Going back to my subject, the RoseHip, I can say the height of a shrub reaches 1-3 meters, it blooms in June and harvesting takes place in August and September. It grows in Europe, Asia and Africa and its benefits were made known from Antiquity when the fruits and flowers were used for strengthening the immune system.

Curious to see how it works on your skin? No worries, you don’t need to go and pick the fruits yourself, nowadays, a simple click brings the nature's goodies straight in your hands. Super cool J !

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