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RoseHip Oil benefits

RoseHip Oil  benefits were quite recently discovered, in 1983, by a group of researchers from University of Concepcion (Chile).

To name just a few most important elements, 100% pure Rosehip Oil is composed of: vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A (B-carotene) Omega-3 (linolenic acid), omega-6 (linoleic acid), omega-9 (oleic acid).

Due to its high concentration of vitamin C, RoseHip oil is a strong antioxidant that helps protect the skin against UV and evens the skin tone offering a radiant healthy look after application.

Vitamin E has beneficial properties against free radicals hydrating the skin and making it look smoother and younger.

Vitamin A is responsible for enhancing the skin collagen level eliminating fine lines caused by exposure to UV radiation.

Omega-3 (linolenic acid), omega-6 (linoleic acid), omega-9 (oleic acid) have vital anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.  These acids are absorbed well into the skin keeping it soft and fight against free radicals on the skin surface.

In 1988 Dr Bertha Pareja (Principal Professor at Univeristy of San Marcos, Peru) together with Dr Horst Kehl (Professor at Univeristy of Missouri,USA) have published a researched named "Contributions to Identification and Application of Active Components Contained in Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa"

During this study, the rosehip oil was applied to 180 people with skin issues such as, burn scars, traumatic wounds or skin ageing. According to this study, the results were fantastic. After 2 years of daily application, the sings of skin recovering were perfectly visible. The skin regained the natural tone, the fine lines were diminished.  The 2 doctors, mentioned above, believe that “trans-retionic acid” (vitamin A) from within the rosehip oil, is the element that majorly contributed to these positive results.

Now, I would like to express my opinion as a rosehip oil user for about 2 weeks. The results are thrilling of course otherwise this blog wouldn't even exist :). I am completely happy with the glow that my skin has in the morning and I totally recommend it for all skin types. You may read my whole testimonial and tricks on how to apply it for best results, here.

Referece: For a complex information about this study, you may find it here: [accesed on 13/03/2016]

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