Saturday, 21 January 2017

Does Rosehip Oil smell like roses?

Well, how many of us had the thought of smelling rosehip oil and expect a superb ravishing rose fragrance? I am pretty sure nobody who has ever used it before….

Surprisingly (or not) Rosehip oil most certainly does not smell like roses. In fact, in its pure state (without any added ingredients) Rosehip oil should only have an oilish smell and nothing of the contrary.

Main fact is, Rosehip oil is made out of seeds and not rose petals as one would imagine. However, there are companies who sell rosehip oil mixed with other oils / odour enhancements, moulding the entire mixture with various fragrances.

In my view, mixing Rosehip oil with any other oil would diminish its properties, making it less fit for its purpose. Of course, as mentioned before, I always aim to keep it simple and effective in its organic and cold pressed natural state, making it part of my daily routine.

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