Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to keep your skin hydrated in the cold season

Prepare your wellies to kick some leaves on the pavement people!! The gallant way that leaves fall off the trees in a swaying manner forming an autumn colour splendour, is just breath taking.  You may wonder what does this has to do with rosehip oil. Well, the same way nature prepares itself for the winter, we also need to prepare our skin to make sure it remains hydrated and glowing.  How can we achieve this harmony? By applying rosehip oil on your skin, of course! 

I must say, after a year of using rosehip oil, I am still its biggest fan. My skin looks more nourished and more elastic, day by day. I have been in a constant research to find the best products for my skin, but now I do not need to worry about it anymore. I use my Rosehip drops each night before sleep and I encourage you to try it, you have nothing to lose.

You may also check what other people say about rosehip oil by clicking hereAnd, for those of you a little bit more curious, see below a rosehip fruit cut in 2 slices and the seeds from which this wonderful oil is made. 

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