Thursday, 31 March 2016

Rosehip Oil - Review

Let’s start with the essentials. When you want to apply something on your face, obviously, you need to identify what type a skin you have. You most probably know that it can be dry, combination or oily, so I will not stress on this any further.

To give you an idea, my skin type is combination and quite sensitive (neither oily, neither dry), also acne prone if I drink milk or too much chocolate :). These being said, it was very difficult to keep it balanced, until of course I found this little wonder called RoseHip Oil. Although, it is said oily and combination skin ages later in time (a sort of gift you are born with), I would say the major problem is, they usually manufacture cosmetics for dry skin, thus I have found it difficult to find the best products considering the fact that I am always aiming for less to no chemicals as much as possible. The reason why this is exclusively Organic Cold Pressed RoseHip Oil , 100% pure straight from the berries.

I have tried the oil make up remover technique with coconut oil, nope, not for me, too oily for my face. I have also tried almond oil, because it belongs to the category of non comedogenic (it will not block pores), not a chance for my skin to make peace with it either.  Next, I have started to research and research and research, found the RoseHip Oil and decided to give it a shot, there is no harm in trying. And ZBANG, I have found my fountain of youth. Pam, Pam! One happy girl here.

Now a little bit about what to expect. If you have high expectations, you are reading the right testimonial, this is the best product you can try. You may say, oh, she says this because she is selling it as well. The thing is, I only sell something I truly believe in. I cannot sell just to sell for the sake of money, I would not bother to invest time, effort, passion and money otherwise. I am not exaggerating. To be honest, I have tried a lot of products, but nothing compares to this one. And when you come to think about it, it is just an oil, no fuss, no chemicals, natural, cheap and with wonderful results.  I apply about 3 drops each evening before sleep after cleaning my face with a makeup remover (of which I must further refer in my posts, a super one). It is more like an antioxidant serum than an oil.

RoseHip Oil, might be an oil but it absorbs perfectly in the skin, it is surprisingly lightweight and keeps your wrinkles at bay. In the morning I have the skin of a baby, I am not joking. You must try it, you must! You will not regret it. All natural Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil , perfect for your daily skin care routine and most importantly, suitable for ALL skin types.

And, I almost forgot, it lasts for ages, I have used it for a month now and I still have 70% oil from my 10ml bottle. Well worth every penny!

P.S: Please, Please, do not forget to write back your feedback after using it, I am extremely curious to know how your skin reacted.

Go here to read the benefits of using RoseHip Oil.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this precious information. I like your concern in the post which is very useful for me. this is how i always trust on Natural beauty products in which all the ingredients are in natural form. the one of the best thing about them that they don't have any side effects...!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, that is true. Organic is always the best choice. If we could only realise! We only need to research and research all the time, and find the best products our bodies would enjoy.

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